Sunday, September 20, 2009


I took Sophia to my good ol'hometown fair...the Cass County Fair. Oh, the memories! :) I went with Spencers brother Ben and his wife Megan and their 2 kids Luke and Claire and Spencers other brother Brett and his wife Jessica. I left Cash with my mom cause it was a little hot and I really didn't want to battle 2 kids when Sophia would be the only one enjoying herself on rides and such. Here's a peek, it was really fun!

Her and Luke did quite a bit of dancing!

They weren't too sure about the rollercoaster!

Strawberries with Uncle Brett

Her in the crazy pink car with the bear I won her(thanks jessica)
Its amazing to me how much she loved that cheap little pink bear!

Riding the "pink" elephant.

A good old carousel ride with mom!

Last but not least...the slides!

We got to welcome Spencer back home right in the middle of August, it was FABULOUS!!

Now since Cash was not at the fair, I have to give him a little shout-out for the month of August. He started walking the end of July and was a pro by mid August. He's the sweetest thing you'll ever lay eyes on and the most loving little rascal, he makes your heart just melt! AKA "my little dreamboat"

If he's ever in a bad mood, all you have to do is give him the phone and its fixed.

HA HA! Sophia didn't care too much for her Alice in Wonderland wig in the month of August. Maybe when she's in Kindergarten she'll be ready to be Alice of Halloween.


After I returned from my quick 3 day trip Spencer and I realized that he would have a long weekend the following weekend because it was the fourth of July. So I booked myself another flight to Fort Jackson in South Carolina this time and we had the honeymoon we never got to take! It was great. We went to the Columbia Museum of Art, the water park on base, saw an awesome fourth of July show on base that made me feel really patriotic, ate at Hard Rock, walked along Barefoot Landing which was great and ate at a little Italian restaurant and we even drove 3 hours to Myrtle Beach and stayed in a great hotel for 1 night.

Might I add I had a sweet yellow rental car!

A sea of soldiers! It was incredible, especially on the fourth!

This was all just what I needed to start the month of July off and wait 6 more weeks for him to finally come home!
Sophi and I made a "countdown chain" so we knew just how many days until Daddy got home!

We even celebrated my fathers 76th birthday at the end of the month and made our usual homemade ice cream!

JUNE (where did you go?)

I have two, no three excuses that have been keeping me from the blogging world, Sophia, Cash, and the return of my husband! It has been months and I'm taking this moment to play catch up....this may take a few got a few minutes? :)

Spencer was still at at basic training and the kids and I filled our time with fun activities and things to do to the pass the time.

The end of June Spencer graduated from Basic Training and I finally got to see him after 10 weeks! I flew out to Kentucky and had a horrible time getting there. We landed at our connection on time but sat on the plane for over an hour because they didn't have a gate to unload us at. So we(a mother and her son) missed the flight and they couldn't fly us out til the next morning so we had no other choice but to drive 6 hours to Kentucky from Tennessee. I was running on an hour of sleep but it was so great to finally see him, you have no clue! He looked fabulous and I cried like a baby!

He's behind the kid in the goofy BCG glasses.