Thursday, February 5, 2009

A new year....and one long post!

Where do I begin to catch up....Uh...Christmas! We had a great time during the holidays this year. We were able to hang out Christmas Eve with Spencers family at his Aunt Judy's with everyone this year. We had a large group and enjoyed watching the kids running around. (Sophi,Ruby,and Ryan) We enjoyed the two new little babies (Cash and Sidney)and are excited to see how much crazier things will be with more kids and gifts next year!
Christmas day was fun, we got to open presents as a family in the morning, then we headed over to Spencers parents to have some brunch and watch Sophia open gifts and play with Courtney,Jordan,Grandma,and Papa.
We then headed home to prepare for Christmas Day dinner with my side of the family. The kids had a blast opening all their presents that Santa brought them.......yes,Santa Spencer visited this year. It was relaxing having the kids playing on their own independently while we just lounged.
So far winter here has been pretty mild, we've had maybe 2-3 times that we had snow covering the ground but nothing that has kept anyone snowed in for a time. Lately we've just been enjoying the kids and waiting for summer to get here.(so has Sophi)
Cash is an angel baby, he rolled over the last day of December and now loves to scoot around on the floor. We find him half way across the room at times. We're still waiting for him to sit up on his own, and to see those 2 bottom teeth pop through.
He just turned 4 months a few days ago and I have no clue as to where all the time has gone. He's pretty much a mama's boy and I love it.
Both kids started getting colds this last Saturday. They are both finally recovering since they've been sleeping with vaporizers in their room for the past 4 nights. I think Sophi enjoyed the box a little more than the vaporizer.
Sophia is getting smarter by the day....lets see.....she told us a few weeks ago that she wanted to "bust a move"(probably from some TV show).
She was disappointed to tears when I came home from working one morning (yes I'm back at gap VERY part time) that I did'nt bring her a castle. I guess her and dad had been looking up "castles" (play houses) on the internet and I think she figured I was bringing one home. I felt HORRIBLE, she just started crying when I walked in, I felt like a failure, luckily she was satisfied that we just printed her off a picture of one and now she plays with it around the house.
Dad and her are making forts around our house now and she loves it, she probably asks for one about once a day now.
She loves to play with the kittys at grandma "EVA LACS" when we visit.
Speaking of animals......Spencer had his first deer hunting experience with my dad this January. He shot 2 dear, gutted them, and helped cut it up. What a champ! We now have a nice amount of deer meat in our freezer and so far we have liked how we have fixed it. We were both skeptical at first but I think we found us some good recipes!
We all had out first family bowling experience this week for family home evening.
Sophi had fun the first few rolls, but enjoyed playing in the game room and the "go kart" that daddy took her riding in a lot better. It was fun to see the excitement on her face!
We sure miss all of you who check out our blog in one way or another. Its always nice to be around family and friends, we hope that you enjoy our little update and that you are all well.