Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't start a RIOT!

I know, I'm deeply sorry, a few of you have been pretty firm about letting me know I need to update my blog. Here's the deal. I'm on the computer for about 3 hours a day making calls for my little jobby and by the time I finish I am absolutely ready to be OFF the computer for the day. It almost makes me sick to stare at a computer screen for so long. I must thank you though for your persistance, it is much appreciated to see how much you love me! :)
SOOOOO, I go in for the ultrsound for baby #2 on May 2, It is quite a late appointment, I'll be 21 weeks then. I believe the doctor was gunna be out of town and thats why the date got scheduled so late. I know I'm going nuts just waiting to find out! Spencer and I are at a loss for having any intuition on what the sex is, so we're in just as much suspense as you all may be. I like the name Charlie for a boy, Spencers thinks its a little feminine only because of that movie Charly.........I dont know what to say to that. We are pretty agreeable on the name Baylor though. As for girl names, I like Emmie. Spencer has not really stated either way if hes for it or not.
We have taken away the crib and have conquered the toddler bed! I have to admit, I tried the Super Nanny going to bed thingy and it worked like a charm. The first night I put her in her bed 11 times in like 13 min. The second night I put her to bed only 4 times, and the third night Spencer only had to put her back in bed once. The fourth night, it was quick and simple, we read a book, said our prayers, rocked a little and she was out for the entire night. I'm super excited!
This weeks been fun! Brett and Courtney got back from school and brought Bretts fiance Jessica back with them to stay for a week. We've done a little of everything and have a couple more days with Jessica in town to do some more stuff. After that we're going to steal Brett to help up paint the outside of the house for a few days! I'm excited for that, I don't care for the peachy skin color of our house now. By the way, have I mentioned that the weather has been incredible for the past week! I'm super excited for summer to finally be here and to have the windows open around the house. I just love it!