Monday, October 20, 2008

Here's whats new!

Other than balancing the art of motherhood with 2 children now, here's what I've been up to. In the last couple of weeks I did a senior picture shoot. Cammie is an exchange student from Belgium and will be here in Nebraska until December. It was a fun shoot! We also did some fun shots with her friend Tina from Germany also an exchange student.

Cash had his 6 week check up this last week. Hes now 10 pounds 13.5 ounces. and growing like crazy. He took his 3 shots like a champ, and hopefully we wont be in to see the doctor until Jan for his 3 month check up. In the last week or so Cash has also been quite the entertainment for mom and dad. We now the have the technique of making him smile down to an art, with the baby talking and tickeling his chin. What a dreamboat!

Sophia had a BLAST at what we told her was a "pumpkin party" a few weeks ago. It was a fun petting zoo and pumpkin patch all ready for the Fall holiday. We dressed her up as a cowgirl before we left.
Spencer is still hard at work at Best Buy, and putting the finishing touches on our newly finished basement. We (Sophia especially) have been enjoying it for weeks now. Sophia asks everyone who visits, "Wanna see my basement?" Shes quite excited about her new play place and moms quite fond of the high noise level that has moved from upstairs to downstairs.
I am starting to get a little more rest through the night now, Cash will sleep for 6 hours at times. Its bliss let me tell you. Right now I'm trying to keep up on my scrapbooking but I'm starting to realize why digital scrapbooking is becoming so much more popular. I think its going to become much more popular with ME too.....soon!
Here I couldnt resist putting him is Sophias baby doll stroller. Ha ha!

TAG....your it!

So through my blog stalking I noticed a fun tag and decided to jump on the wagon and make my first tag to my blogging sister in laws! (Jennie, Megan, Mary and Courtney) Here's how it goes:

Go to your 4th picture file,

Post the 4th picture in that file, explain and

Tag 4 people!

Simple, yet FUN! Here's mine.

After coming home from church one Sunday, I pulled Sophias church clothes off and let her run around the house in her diaper while I fixed some quick lunch and grabbed her some comfy clothes. While I was busy, she located my church shoes that I had kicked off and walked around the house with them and her sippy cup. She feels pretty important putting on mommys shoes.