Monday, May 19, 2008


Yes! I'm posting again! I know it takes me a while. First things first! My wonderful hubby got a job promotion about 2 weeks ago! Yeah! He will be opening a new Best Buy on L Street in Millard as the Customer Experience Manager (CES). He has been busy these last couple weeks interviewing people for his department. The only downer to this little promotion is that he has to train in Minnesota the week we had tickets to go to California for vacation. So, I"m in the process of figuring out what to do with my ticket! Who wants to pass up an opportunity to lay on the beach in San Clemente for a week! Although the complications, I'm so proud of his enthusiasum for work and "moving on up". He really does love the company and being friendly with people! Good Job Spencer!

As for whats new, well, I think I've gotten Spencer set on some dates to paint the outside of the house, this Saturday and Monday on Memorial Day! I'm really excited! I'm picked up some paint myself, I'm planning on repainting Sophi's room, and the baby's room. I'm always trying to spice things up a bit. Hey, when you probably will be spending about 3 months straight in a nursery with a newborn, you might as well enjoy the 4 walls your staring at! ;)
I'm super excited for SUMMER! I've already been garage saleing for baby boy stuff, and I'm ready to hit the pool and catch some sun! I picked up Sophia some dress up clothes at a garage sale, she things its kinda fun to dress up with moms help. I'm thinking it might be short lived until she gets a little bigger. The things she really enjoys are the crowns and wands, probably because its the easiest for her to put on herself. She's also been ready to jump into Grandma and Papas pool for the past week. Its been too cold but this week I think will be a great week for swimming! She's obsessed with waving the water hose all over the backyard!