Friday, August 15, 2008

Dance BABY Dance!

Lately I've been obsessed with watching "So you think you can dance". I know just about everybody else is already on the bandwagon, but I've also been watching reruns on MTV of older seasons. I just had to post a couple of my favorite dances from this last season! I totally hate that there's only ONE winner! Some of them should win in couples and then be forced to date and marry! Thats what I think should happen. Look at me, I'm wanting to arrange marriages! Seriously though some of these couples should stick together and tour! I'd go see them for sure! Also, I'm stuck on watching "Americas Best Dance Crew". Its a must see! I still can't believe Fanny pack got cut last week!

As far as a family update. I get to stop my medication tomorrow (saturday), if I'm lucky I'll have the baby soon after stopping it. Knowing my luck I'll probably carry for at least another 2 weeks! Lets hope not, I'm pretty uncomfortable at this point.