Thursday, June 26, 2008

No more MULLET!

Yes, my daughter has had a slight mullet for the past 4 or 5 months, I've been working on letting her sides catch up with the rest of her hair and in the meantime, neglected the back of her hair that continued to grow. So I took some scissors to her hair after church last Sunday and "Wallah!" No more little miss mullet! She was a little shy at first as the two of us "oooh'd and ahhhh'd" over her. But shes looking so grown up to us now!

Just a little behind.......

I am well aware that I am not the best at updating my blog. It's taken me forever to get pictures off of my camera and on to the computer. Can you believe I had over 450 pictures to download! So here is my attempt to update you through pictures! Yeah!

This is Sophi in May, she is obsessed with making sure every doll she puts on a chair is lined up alongside her! She gets this from me. I have a picture just like it of me when I was about her age. Must be some type of obsessive compulsive disorder.
This is Sophi in May at the Henry Doorly Zoo. They have a new butterfly exhibit and it was a huge hit with her. We went with my friend Shani and her little boy Reilly. It was a fun day! She kissed just about every little fake animal you could sit on at the flower gardens.
Reilly wasnt a fan of the rhino!

A few days after the zoo, I noticed we had a new baby bird that had landed on our deck, he was just learning to fly so he was quite unsteady. Sophi was so excited and started offering the bird her morning cereal!
Now on to a home improvement project.......... I have been so excited to get things ready for my new little baby boy. I finished painting his room the end of May right before we left for out little vacation. It turned out really cute! Its kind of hard to not feel overwhelmed with the stripes in this picture because I could only get so far back with the camera, but trust me when your in the room, it doesnt feel that way. Yeah for little boys!

For those of you who dont already know, Sophia has a hard time giving someone a "thumbs up". She understands the concept that a finger is suppose to be pointing up from your hand, but she turns it into a set of "guns" pointed at the ceiling.
Its to DIE for!
To add to her obsessive compulsive disorders, when she "puts her babies to bed" they ALWAYS go face down, just like she sleeps. She ran out of her room one day and said "Daddy come see", Spencer found her entire bed covered with every last doll and stuffed animal facing down on her bed! Another thing to DIE for!
That wraps up our month of May! I'll post June too, it was a very busy month!